Farmer’s Market

Every Saturday there’s two local farmer’s markets that take place. In an effort to support the organic movement and local businesses mom and I have been going almost every weekend this summer. Luckily we live in an area that has very fertile land that lends itself to some great produce!

The plan: head to the farmer’s market and pick up some delectable goodies and necessary vegetables for the week.

But, what actually happened was we acted like teenage girls inside Victoria’s Secret on Black Friday.

So this post is almost like a haul video except with food.

For the vegetables we focused a lot on greens and easy to prepare things. With the summer heat and resulting laziness I find myself leaning towards simple and easy recipes with straight forward vegetables.


Eggplant is a great substitute for your main ‘meat’ dish. I like to cut them in half and glaze them in a sweet soy sauce; a recipe I picked up while in Japan. The Arugula is a simple salad green that is essential, watermelon and lemons because summer–duh. However, the squash is my mom’s little project and I’m not sure what she’ll use them for.

Aside from vegetables the market also has a lot of plants that you can buy and plant on your own. Most of them are fruit and vegetable trees (I saw a lot of chili plants), but they also sometimes have herbs. My mom and I are trying to do more herb growing since we use a lot of herbs and spices in our home-cooking. We haven’t found any recently but we’re still on the lookout.

20160723_102328For a purely personal reason I’m looking for succulents like cactus. To be honest, I want to start making little terrariums. This has been a pet project of mine since I saw a terrarium store in Kichijoji in Tokyo, but so far my progress hasn’t left the idea stage. And I’m sad to report that the farmer’s market was dry of succulents. Better luck next time.

On the bright side, we found some amazing homemade jam and bread. the find has inspired us to plan a tea and treats night with assorted jams and toast. Expect to see a post about that some time soon!


The one treat that did not last out of all of these was the vegan cookies (not labeled under the vegan bread). We devoured those as we binged episodes of Criminal Minds (Garcia’s obviously my spirit animal, but I find Dr. Reid as adorable as an abandoned corgi).

All in all we had a very successful day at the market and can’t wait to go again. Expect to see some of these vegetables in my recipes for this week. My goal is to keep posting once a day at least. But don’t be angry if I miss a day cause I get lazy.


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