The Daily Dose

Dear diary,

This is the summer that plans to kill us all. The heat is unforgiving as temperatures rise to the 100’s on a daily basis. Sometimes I look up at the sweltering sky and pray, ‘Sun God, bless a different land with your bountiful heat. You’re forcing even the youngest of us to get hot flashes.’

So far I’ve received no reply.

You know the heat is getting to you when you lose your appetite and start fanning yourself while saying ‘lord have mercy’ in a southern baptist twang. You feel no choice but to combat the heat with cold cuts, fruit salads, and sweet tea. Today Pudge stepped outside for his daily piss party. However, instead of dispensing his usual salutations to the neighboring dogs he quickly ran back inside the house and plopped on the cool tile.

I feel his pain as we both share curly locks that trap in heat and humidity.

Yet, I still try to keep busy with my new vegan recipes, the farmer’s market, and collaging. For example this blog should help keep me distracted from the heat and boredom.

Here’s to trying to do something different.


Ok I can’t say ‘cheers’ without feeling slightly pompous. It’s a thing all my british friends said to me in Japan, but yappari I’m not ‘posh’ enough to make it work.





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