The Daily Dose

Dear Diary,

Today I found an old photo album. Inside there were so many pictures of forgotten birthday parties and holiday celebrations. It was nice. I liked looking at my face from when I was younger; in every picture I was smiling.

Sometimes I forget that I had these happy memories. I wonder why it’s so hard to hold onto the joyous occasions, but so easy to cling to the painful memories. I use to think that my childhood was a mural of embarrassment and disappointment, that everything was just one bad memory. I had even forgotten my Little Mermaid Birthday party, with the female clown.

It’s as if the bad memories superimpose themselves on the good memories. When in reality the two go together. Now when I look back at my failures and  disappointments, I realize that they gave me opportunities to see beyond certain things.

Recently I found out that someone I went to high school with, their father passed away. Perhaps it takes death to make you realize how great life is. Nothing is a better reminder of how lucky you are then realizing you’ve escaped death for one more day.

As a result I’ve decided to remind myself everyday how lucky and happy I am with life. And for anyone who reads this I hope you do to.

Good night, and sleep tight. Be sure to make sure the bed bugs don’t bite.



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