The Weekly Dose

#2 “A Memory of Tokyo” An Original Poem

I like to swing.

Rocking back-and-forth I fly

To somewhere far from here—

Here being as far away from home as I can be—

To somewhere full of people

Who also like to swing.

We grab onto metal chains, planting our butts

In wooden seats as we



Three and push ourselves off

To a new world as far away from home as we can be

Until there is nothing.

The blue sky becomes a swirl of gray and white while

My shoes disappear into the clouds.

I try to grab onto

The chains,

The seat

Something to keep from floating further away,

But I have to keep swinging, pushing, running

Further until—

There is no one.

There is only me and my swing, listlessly

Rocking with the wind in a lonely park

In a large city

In a foreign country, all


I like to swing

But sometimes I go too far.


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