DIY Collar

Fans of DIY and crafting have probably heard of an awesome website called Rookie Mag. It was on this marvelous website that I saw a tutorial for how to make detachable collars.

You might be wondering what is the purpose of a detachable collar? After all ypu can just where a collared shirt. However, a detachable collar is so much more versatile than that. Plus, who would turn down the opportunity to make their own collar?

 Now there were several unique conditions that had to come together for this self-tutorial to take place–several collared shirts up for donation, a severely unused glue gun and boredom, mother of invention. 

Now first thing I did was cut the collar of a button down shirt, as pictured above. The trick with this type of cut is to one, use fabric scissors–I can’t stress that enough–regular scissors will only rip the fabric; two, make sure you cut along the collar line taking into account the stitching. Rule of thumb: follow the stiches. 

Next I began to decorate the collar by adding lace. If you are handy with a needle or the sewing machine then you can also do a simple stich and sew the lace onto the collar. However, if you have my unfortunate luck then both your sewing machine and needles are on life support, then you might opt for a glue gun. 

With a glue gun the main thing to look out for is traces of glue thay look like spider webs. 

Now you can also work on decorating your collar. I choose to make a special Halloween themed collar (in case last posts didn’t make it obvious, I’m in love with the holidays l, but especially Halloween). I wanted to draw something special so I measured the paper to my collar.

After I measured the sketch paper to the collar, I decided to draw a skeleton skull. You can see the outline above. I choose to outline the skull with a thick black line for added effect. 

After making my sketch I over complicated the collar by adding a lace overlay to the collar, again for more Gothic dramatic effect.

So then I took my skeleton skull and hot glued them onto the collar. After which I added googly eyes, because who can turn down the allure of googly eyed skeletons.

Last night I also made several other collars, shown above. This was due mostly to boredom but also binge watching more tv shows (my newest addiction Star vs. the Forces of Evil). 

Now once your collar is done you can add it to any outfit for that touch of personal or fake professional.

Above you can see my sailor moon–yes, that is a sailor moon sweatshirt that I got in Harajuku, Tokyo–paired with one collar.

Now see it with a different styled collar. It does change the style depending on the collar.

Finally I worked on a Halloween outfit for a possible party. A simple LDB (little black dress) becomes something so much more, a statement, with the added collar. Also props for the vintage hat that sort of matches.

And that’s all really for crafting and making your own collar. If you have a glue gun lying around I definetly recommend giving this a try. 


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