The Weekly Dose: Fanfiction for Everyone #3

She Is…

Ch. 3 …A Stolen Glance

It was 6 in the morning. Eun Sung stared at the paper the director from last night had handed to her. He had quickly scribbled an address on there. ‘Should I go?’ she debated. At that moment her cousin Ji Woo came into the living room.

“Hey noona.” He called.

“Ji Woo, have you heard of a director called Jun Ki Sang?”

“Jun Ki Sang. Jun Ki Sang…Oh yeah I think he’s directed some famous K-dramas but I don’t really know him well. I don’t really keep up with that stuff.” He continued to explain as he went into the kitchen area of the small apartment. “Why do you want to know?”

Eun Sung sat up from the couch and walked over to the kitchen, placing the white paper in the back pocket of her skinny jeans. “Just heard some people at work talking about him, and was curious.” She watched Ji Woo take out 4 plates from the cupboard and start polishing them. “Do we have guests coming over for dinner tonight?”

“Oh yeah I just got a call, grandpa is coming over later and he said he was brining a guest. I thought it would be best to polish the silverware now for later, just in case.” Ji Woo had always been very homely and sweet; that’s what made him and Eun Sung so close.

Eun Sung smiled. “Good thinking. I’ll try to leave early from work today so I can help you out.”

“I thought you didn’t have work this week since the boss went on vacation.”

“I don’t have to work at the lounge this week, but I got another part time job.”

Ji woo raised an eyebrow. “I thought you were supposed to be here for vacation.”

Eun Sung went to the bathroom to the right of the kitchen and yelled form there, “That doesn’t mean I can’t work.”

“What I’m saying is you don’t need to. I won’t make you pay rent. And neither would the main family. And you don’t have to pay for any of your meals.”

“I know.” Eun Sung finished fixing her hair and make-up. “I just don’t know how long I plan to stay for, and I can’t always be taking advantage of my family’s kindness.” Eun Sing left the bathroom after checking herself out in the mirror and headed towards the apartment front door.

“Are you headed off to work now?”


“Ok just be careful, and call me if you need any-“

“I will.” Eun Sung opened the door and walked out of the apartment room. She headed out towards the hallway to the stairs. She really enjoyed staying with Ji Woo. It had only been a couple of days since she had arrived in Seoul, but it felt almost second nature to walk the streets late at night, visiting the occasional street vendor. Her family had been a little distant since her initial visit. ‘It’s just because it’s been such a long time since we last talked,’ Eun Sung thought.

Eun Sung took out her i-pod, a mixture of K-pop, Korean alternative and all her English songs, from her messenger bag. She had it on shuffle. The soothing voice of Loveholic’s Flower Pot pulsed through the earphones into Eun Sung’s tentative ear. She matched her brisk walk to the beat. She spotted a bus stop a couple of feet from her.

Lee Min Ho was sitting inside a black Escalade that was speeding by the busy Seoul traffic. The Escalade reached a light. Min Ho looked up. It was hard to make out anything through his aviator sunglasses. He took them off and glanced out the car window without turning his head. He saw a group of people outside waiting for their morning bus. He noticed there was a girl who seemed to be smiling to herself, while listening to a song on her i-pod, occasionally she would mouth the lyrics to the song. Min Ho cracked a smile and laughed a little as he watched her bob her head and tap her feet to the beat.

The light switched and then the Escalade was in motion, leaving Min Ho with just the blur of the bus stop and the fascinating girl.

The ominous black escalade headed for a meeting at one of the offices of SBC. Min Ho expected a handful of other actors and actresses to be there. He had no idea who had been cast as who. The escalade arrived at the SBS offices. Luckily the word on the meeting for the new drama of 2013 was not out. There weren’t the usual screaming fans waiting for Min Ho as we walked to the entrance with his entourage intact, including his manager Ji Yo Woo.

Eun Sung arrived at the SBS offices five minutes later. She checked the address of the office against the one on the paper from the director. ‘This can’t be right.’ She thought. ‘Perhaps they just need me to translate a couple of things and work as like a liaison.’ With that thought in mind Eun Sung reluctantly entered the large and modernly luxurious building. All the large glass windows, and beautiful paintings that lined the walls astounded her. She made her way to the receptionist’s desk.

“Can I help you?” The Lady at the desk questioned cheerfully.

“Hi my name is Eun Sung, director Jun Ki Sang asked me to help him with a project.”

“Oh yes! He told me to direct you to room J805. Most of them are in there already.”

“Oh then I guess I better rush over there.” Eun Sung seemed to stand out in the worse possible way among all the other people in the lobby. She was wearing skinny jeans, and a peter pan collared maroon shirt under an oversized off white knit soft sweater, with vintage ankle boots her mother had given her with cute frilly little socks poking out. The girls around her were wearing short frilly skirts with black tights and sexy stilettos, with delicate see through white tops, and tons of gold icing. Eun Sung’s hair was put up with a red-knotted headband, letting her bangs fall. Everyone else’s hair looked polish as it was curled and conditioned beyond belief. Eun sung hurried to the elevator.

Meanwhile Lee Min Ho was sitting in a small room on the 8th floor, playing FIFA 11 on his I-pad. Among Lee Min Ho the Korean stars in the room included: Yoon Eun Hye, Kim Jung Eun, Lee Ki Woo, and Jang Geun Suk among others. They were all talking amongst themselves going over the script.

All of a sudden a Eun Sung loudly opened the door, panting. Everyone stopped what they were doing and stared. Min Ho looked up from his game, missing the chance to block a goal. Eun Sung’s face turned bright red as she realized whom everyone around her was. “I’m sorry,” she bowed and apologized a hundred times. “I think I’m in the wrong roo-”

At that moment the director came up from behind Eun Sung. “Ah Eun Sung! I’m so glad you’re here. Now we can officially begin.”


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