First Attempt at Digital Art

So for Christmas I finally got a wacom tablet to use for digital art. I'm not gonna lie it's pretty awesome. However, there's a real learning curve between using the pad and looking at how the computer interprets that. It's so much easier to connect your mind and eye when you're holding a pencil. It's hard to get … Continue reading First Attempt at Digital Art


Omnivore in Tokyo

A short story based on true events: In Japan, I measured time in train rides. Though technically I was living in Tokyo, in reality, I was merely a part of one ward out of the 27 that make up the world’s biggest metropolis. Mitaka ward lies half an hour west of Tokyo proper. When we … Continue reading Omnivore in Tokyo

Japanese Poems: Haiku & Senryu

Recently I've been spending a lot of my time working on some translations of sarari-man senryu. The quintessence of Japanese poetry is haiku--the 5-7-5 syllable based poetry we all learned in 5th grade--however, our English versions of haiku do an injustice to their magnificence. For starters, haiku is based on mora not syllables. A mora in Japanese is based … Continue reading Japanese Poems: Haiku & Senryu

To Sub or to Dub: Translation and Fansubbing in Anime

A translator is like a dog with two masters, the author of the original work and the audience. A translator’s allegiance—to culture, to language, even to literature—shapes their every decision. Thus, a single work can have multiple translations, each possessing a unique aspect. In ‘fansubbing,’ the often illegal subtitling of anime series by fans, the … Continue reading To Sub or to Dub: Translation and Fansubbing in Anime