Welcome. Feminine Writer is a website devoted to exhibiting fiction work by female writers. All works showcase the unique lens of women and girls in the world.

I’m Sophie, and I’m the current curator of this website.


Like most things, this website started with an idea, that we need more female writers. Specifically, stories about women/girls written by women/girls. All of the stories here are written by women, but they’re not just for women. My hope is that this website can become a bridge for anyone who wants to learn more about the female experience.


Sophie is the content creator, writer, and illustrator behind Feminine Writer. She has been writing for a long time (since she was 10) and is fascinated with digital illustration. Currently, she’s combining her love of art and literature to illustrate her written works. She’s also an avid Sailor Moon fan, a vegan, and an aspiring comic book writer. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.


If you’re a female writer who’s interested in seeing your work on here or a female illustrator who wants to work with a writer, please email your submissions to svale@wellesley.edu with the subject: Feminine Writer Submission.

The only rule regarding submissions is that all creators must identify as female.