The Fishbowl The goldfish landed on the living room carpet with a loud thump. Dominic thought it would have made more of a splat sound, but no. He watched as the goldfish flopped around wildly. Its tiny black eyes darted back and forth. Dominic heard a small breathy noise—its gills. The carpet absorbed what little … Continue reading Broken


The Rio Grande

When it rains the river floods over. Gradually the deposited mud from the river accumulates. Year after year the mud piles up. This town is just a river delta. Perhaps I’m buried underneath all that mud. Of course, it’s not all mud. We've got palms and mesquite here as well. The land here is extra … Continue reading The Rio Grande

Digital Art Portrait

Attempt number two at digital art. This is definitely more of an illustration vibe, focusing less on blending and more on colors and layering. If anyone out there in the world wide web has any advice for a newbie, I'd be eternally grateful.

Japanese Poems: Haiku & Senryu

Recently I've been spending a lot of my time working on some translations of sarari-man senryu. The quintessence of Japanese poetry is haiku--the 5-7-5 syllable based poetry we all learned in 5th grade--however, our English versions of haiku do an injustice to their magnificence. For starters, haiku is based on mora not syllables. A mora in Japanese is based … Continue reading Japanese Poems: Haiku & Senryu